O = Oskar

J = James

S = Seb 

WCW= Working Class Whole

WCW: “Tell us about the band. How did you all meet? How/why did you choose your name? Etc.”

O: We started the band because James and I were in another band called xCrueltyx with a homie named Carl (Cora), but she left for school and the band dissolved. Then we found Seb, who liked d-beat and could rip riffs like Kawakami. That’s how the band started.

    S: I suggested the band name and Oskar thought it was a good idea. He thought it was funny ‘cause we are all minorities in this group.

WCW: “On your recent release, “Xenophobic Crisis”, you guys got to collaborate with Matt Harvey of Exhumed on your cover of Warsystem by the Shitlickers. How did that come about and what was that like?”

O: I knew Matt because I took care of his and his wife’s dog, got to know his wife, and through his wife I met Matt. Then I asked him if he could do a feature on the demo because he likes the same type of punk we do.

WCW: “What bands were stylistically influential in making this EP (besides Discharge)?”

O, J, S: Swedish punk influences like Disfear, Anti Cimex, Shitlickers, Totalitär, but also Disclose and Possessed.

WCW: “Tell us about the lyrical themes of the EP.”

O, J, S: War, Xenophobia, Prison System, PTSD, Bombs.

    O: For example, Xenophobic Crisis talks about how stereotypes and people within positions of power (such as government or police) label colored people as criminals and use labels as one of their ways to oppress us.

WCW: “What are your thoughts as a band on the state of racism and xenophobia in the United States, especially with regards to ICE detention centers and the agency’s treatment of immigrants?”

J: Ice is fuckin lame. My stance on racism is that it’s a horrible topic and most people don’t realize how common it is in daily life. Due to progressions in technology we have been able to combat it and share how common it is in society but, at the same time, this has also encouraged people with selfish opinions on the topic to become outspoken.

    O: The US has always been built on racism, and because of that, it is woven into every aspect of the United States’ society/culture. It’s a big lie to think voting for a specific political party will fix racism because both democrats and republicans support racist laws and policies. 

    S: ICE itself sounds like race police. When these people are taken into detention centers for holding, they are mistreated with excessive force and not even cared for to the point of death. Families are ripped from each other, lives are lost, and some don’t even know why they’re there. These actions done to immigrants are conducted by sick individuals who strive to push these people out of the country and deny them citizenship. End ICE now.

WCW: “Redundant question, but why is war bad?”

O, J, S: Profit is made off of these wars and is an excuse to waste money on weapons for supposed “protection”. Why should we kill someone who’s never wronged us?

WCW: “As a d-beat band and aficionados of the genre/subculture, what is your opinion on the current status of d-beat? Any new bands you are excited about (or any bands doing anything cool)? “

J: As D-Beat culture in general it’s pretty tight, it hasn’t changed much through the years other than technology making discovering bands easier and it allows us as musicians to thrive and share our sound a lot more. D-Beat has always been DIY and always will have new fresh bands and fresh noize.

     J: Languid, Svaveldioxid, LifeLock

     S: Physique, Raw Mud, Bootlicker

     O: Disease, Napalm Raid, Aspects Of War

WCW: “What has your experience as a d-beat band been like in the Central Coast DIY music scene (especially in the SLO area)?”

O, J, S: Not a lot of people understand us, but overall still have brought attention to us and we are well received.

WCW: “Do you think incest bands (bands that all share the same or most of the same members) are the future of small-town DIY music scenes?”

O, J, S: Always has been a driving force, shows who is willing to put dedication to music, and helps fill out shows a lot easier.

WCW: “Would you guys ever play at a wrestling match if given the opportunity? “

O, J, S: Sure.

WCW: “If you could fight any other band (past or present) in a Japanese steel cage death match, who would it be and why? “

  S: The Exploited. Wattie is a fuck!!! There are so many other great UK82 bands, especially ones that AREN’T problematic. Listen to bands like Disorder, Discharge, GBH, and Broken Bones.

      J: I pick the glam band Poison but if I was to choose a person to throw into an exploding steel cage I pick that douchebag piece of shit Ricki Rachtman.

      O: Gulch. I don’t get why they’re so trendy right now. There are way better grind and power-violence bands out there. Just listen to the classics like Repulsion, Terrorizer, Agathocles, and Siege. 

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