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  1. WCW: “Tell us about the band. When and how did you all meet?” 

Kai: We’ve all known each other for years playing in bands and going to shows together. Josh wanted to start a “heavier” band for a while so we all just met up one day and  began to write.  

  1. WCW: Any meaning behind the name? Why the V’s?!! WHY THE CAPS?!!

Kai: No meaning, haha. We just noticed after putting out the ep how many bands were actually called “murmur” so josh one night at a show in LA josh asked “why don’t we just use V’s instead of U’s” I guess we all just went with it and it stuck, nothing special.

  1. WCW: On “Color of Pain” what was the inspiration for the title and the lyrics? The lyrics touch on themes ranging from prejudice and hatred to social issues such as rape culture.

Kai: The name Max and I just kinda tossed around in a Denny’s parking lot one night, we felt the name fit the subjects and songs well. Josh wrote all of the lyrics for the ep, I just remember him coming to me and we talked about how these things aren’t being talked about as much as they should, in the 805 at least. I’m not saying there aren’t bands who do, but we wanted to use whatever small platform we have to speak up on things that just piss us off. We felt if we spoke up on it, maybe someone else will take that from our music and implement that same mindset in real situations. Always speak up against shit that you know isn’t right.

4.) WCW: “It has been said that the civil unrest seen in the U.S. is on a scale that hasn’t been seen since the 1960s. What are your thoughts on the protests and activism that has been happening throughout the U.S. and across the world?” 

Kai: It’s honestly so amazing to see so many people go out and march for something we all know is not right. Police must be held accountable , we must amplify black voices. These protests are so necessary and people are fed up. I hope more and more people start to realize what is really happening here and decide to fight against it, nevertheless so many people already have and it’s a very incredible thing. 

5.) WCW: “What are your musical influences? Any bands in particular that have inspired you?”

Kai: Recently for me music from the early 2000’s have been on repeat, bands like Misery Signals 7 angels 7 plagues, skycamefalling, and Hopesfall as well as some other heavy/ non heavy bands like Gulch, Red House Painters, HUM, Catherine Wheel, Converge , Counterparts, and Jeromes Dream.

  1. WCW: “You guys just put out a new music video for your single “Promises of Peace, Words of Fear”. How did Covid-19 and the quarantine effect filming and shooting the video?”

Kai: Well we began discussing a music video around the start of the year, Max and Dylan shot their parts sometime in February / March. Once Covid really hit we paused on shooting the rest, once things (sorta) let up we were able to shoot Josh and I’s part within a day. It was so cool and something i’d never done before, our friends Collin, Ari, and Russell did such an awesome job on it and were the best to work with. We will for sure be doing more with them in future. 

  1. WCW: “In your opinion, how is the scene in the 805?”

Kai: The 805 scene is interesting to say the least, there are so many good bands through all different genres but it just lacks “good” venues i guess, which makes it a little more difficult for new bands or any other band to really play frequently. There was the library on main in Ventura but that went to shit pretty quick, we had “The Art Center” in Camarillo for awhile which held some of the most fun local shows i’ve ever been to. I love the scene here. I just wish we had that “one” venue where any band could play and anyone could attend.

  1. WCW: “Tell us about the new music you have been working on. When can we expect the next new release? “

Kai: We’ve been slowly writing and working on a release that’s set to come out later next year, Josh is currently in Alaska for work for the next 5 months. Max , Dylan , and I have been getting together and writing. These new songs will not sound like Color of Pain , we’re approaching things a little differently this time around and we try to tweak or change things until we all feel satisfied with the turn out meaning we just spend a lot more time on one song at a time. Expect something different and heavier. 

  1. WCW: “Regarding the greater 805, what are some current bands that you guys are stoked on, or think that others should check out?”

 Kai: Excuse the long answer but I got a lot for this question haha, bands i’m stoked on here are Truce, Outwest, Eyecandy, Mulholland, Lanayah, Stripped, In Time, Solace, Dead Heat, Two Brothers, and Bare Minimum. Bands in California that are non 805 that you should check out are Castaway, Elder Devil, Abused (RIP) , Rowsdower, Staining the Twilight Black and Wolves.

  1. WCW: Favorite mosh/slam-dance move?

Kai: Kicks.

  1. WCW: What’s the best hardcore punk sub-genre, and why is it mathcore? 

            Kai: Botch, Dillinger, The Fall of Troy, Converge, Tony Danza, and Heavy Heavy Low Low. I don’t need to say anything else.

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