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The OBGMs: The Ends

If you like crunchy guitar and bass tones, don’t-give-give-a-fuck-what-anyone-thinks attitudes, and pre-AM Arctic Monkeys, you will enjoy The OBGMs’ 2020 album, The Ends. However, while The Ends is a good album with some fun songs, there isn’t really anything that makes the album particularly special or make it really stand out against the thousands of other indie/garage rock albums, perhaps besides their inclusion of bongos in a few of their songs. They have songs like “Outsah,” “Cash,” and “Karen O’s” that are fun, rowdy, and danceable, and a couple of songs like “All My Friends” and “to death” that are more heartfelt and anthem-like, but the rest of the album sort of blends together, with nothing about the other songs making them feel distinct from one another.

That being said though, if you really enjoy early 2000s indie/alternative/garage rock—bands like The Black Keys, The White Stripes, and Arctic Monkeys—The Ends is definitely worth checking out. It is by no means a bad album, and it is refreshing to see a black-fronted band making this type of music, since rock music is so overwhelmingly white.

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