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Unity… it’s a concept that almost everyone is familiar with. It serves many purposes but at its core it is a concept that drives change. Without it we can accomplish little to nothing as a society in the face of bigotry and hate. Without unity we often face the cruel reality of individual acts that won’t spring things into action without the battlecry of the common person. It’s a cry for peace, for justice, for progressive action that pushes out of the yesteryear of intolerance and inaction. It’s the focus of the people who have led us past racism and are leading us into a future of full acceptance and justice.
Perhaps most importantly it’s the driving concept of movements like the recent march for civil rights, in the face of unprecedented injustice and that is why it is the focus of this issue of the Working Class Whole. Without the united effort of everyone we wouldn’t be able to strive for a future free of hate, and so for this issue we have collected those who highlight some of the unity showcased in the music scene and beyond. Without everyone getting involved and unifying we cannot fight for a better future for our music and collective culture to thrive.

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