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Corpse Thrower- Swamp Stalker

SLO County death metal true bloods, Corpse Thrower, have released yet another barrage of murder and mayhem with their latest EP Swamp Stalker. Kicking off the EP with the sound of a howling chainsaw, Corpse Thrower launches into sinister guitar tremolos and filthy mid-tempo mosh riffs on their appropriately titled intro song “Chainsaw Slam” that will please any grindcore fan. The onslaught continues as Swamp Stalker segues into its title track with plenty of death metal chugs and a stampeding d-beat chorus that’ll leave you circle pitting. In addition to d-beat, Swamp Stalker also makes nods to New York hardcore with menacing guitar ring outs on “Involuntary Carnage” and a chugging breakdown on “Stench of a 1000 Corpses” that’ll get any hardcore kid out on the dance-floor swinging. The EP comes to close with a cover of “Over the Line” by Japanese hardcore band, SOB.

Between the roaring chainsaws and an eerie, distorted soundbite, Swamp Stalker evokes the feeling of watching a classic grindhouse film or slasher movie in which the listener is transported into a world of sonic mud and blood. One would not be nonplussed to find any song off of Swamp Stalker on the soundtrack of a Bruce Campbell or John Carpenter film (such a pairing of the two mediums is recommended by the way). Indeed, Corpse Thrower does not disappoint and provides non-stop gore and brutality for your listening pleasure. If you’re a fan of bands like Entombed or Terrorizer, Swamp Stalker is definitely in your wheelhouse.  

Corpse Thrower will be releasing Swamp Stalker in the near future.

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