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Lil Mariko- Lil Mariko

Lil Mariko, known for her viral song “Where’s My Juul??” in collaboration with producer Full Tac, released her debut self-titled album on March 18, 2021. Lil Mariko combines elements of hyperpop, hip hop, techno, and metal to create a unique and unexpected sound that is very fun and surprisingly catchy! In her lyrics, she condemns men who sexually harass or stare at women too long in “Don’t Touch,” describes her disdain for men who send unsolicited pictures of their genitalia in “100 Dicks,” mocks slut-shamers in “Hi I’m a Slut,” and explores fantasies about being sexually dominant over men in “Catboys,” just to name a few standout songs. Lil Mariko juxtaposes her cutesy, saccharine singing with monstrous metal screaming in a way that makes sense and does not feel out of place or too unexpected. Her use of expert screaming in pop music cannot be understated. Pop lovers and metalheads alike would be able to appreciate this album.
Bonus review: Lil Mariko released a new song with Full Tac and Rico Nasty called “SIMP” on April 30, 2021, and it is amazing. The beats are heavy, the lyrics and screaming are aggressive, and Rico Nasty’s verse suits the song and general vibe very well.

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